May 31 Jazzit Fundamentals Update Available

Monday, June 17, 2019

CP Home Menu

  • Updated the Home Menu with a new colour palette.

  • Added the option to unbold the current period column under the Column tab in the Home Menu.

  • Added the option to turn off the line below statement headings under the Page Options tab in the Home Menu.

  • The Switch to 9 column with totals format button under the Admin section will now change to Unable to switch to 9 column with totals format for financial statements created prior to 2012. The button opens a YouTube video explaining how to add the missing headers/footers as well as the CaseView document with contents to be copied into the financial statement header/footers section.

  • Updated the diagnostic under Admin which checks for headers/footers required to support 9 column financial statements. The diagnostic now reports specifically which headers and footers are not found. This applies to financial statement templates prior to 2012.

RP Engagement Report

  • When expressing an opinion or conclusion for the current period only, we now provide various options regarding the prior period for both modified and unmodified reports. Previously this was only available for unmodified reports.

  • Formatting of the report heading and salutation can now be modified through a right-click menu. This option has also been added to the JZEL Engagement letter.

  • Added additional formatting options (normal, bold and italic) to the salutation and section headings of the review and audit report.


  • Updated the Auditor's Report to include an additional auditor responsibility when group audit is selected.