Sept 25 Jazzit Fundamentals Update Available

Friday, September 25, 2015

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Jazzit has released an update for Jazzit Fundamentals on September 25, 2015. Administrators please click on the link for the log of revisions:

Download Revisions Log

Check out our new video on "Draft stamp based on Mapping".

Thanks to everyone who sent in their feedback to us. The following updates are included in the September 25 2015 Jazzit Fundamentals update:

*New Document* JZNET - Net Worth Statement

We've created a statement of net worth for director's/members/owners. This document can be used as an additional working paper to summarize their net worth. NOTE: This document is manual and does not link to any trial balance information.


JZUPDATE - Update Control

We have added a new optional step in the update process.

Using the "Update all modules without customization dates" button will update ALL modules in the KLIB which have newer versions in the relevant update folder. This process should take a few seconds to complete and will not update any modules which have a customization date associated to them.

CP - Home Menu

We have added a support button in the upper right hand corner, with links to support and user resource channels.

The KLIB path can now be set by simply double clicking the director location and navigating to the desired folder.

TP - Title Page

You are now able to adjust the spacing on the Title Page on individual files. Selecting the Title Page, opening the "Title page settings" folder in the financial statements will allow the user to adjust the spacing of the wording on individual files if necessary. NOTE: The KLIB functionality for administrators remains the same if you wish to set firm-wide standards for spacing on the Title Page.

SC2 - Generic 2 Column Schedules

We have added the ability to include a second description column, with note references, to each section via the right-click express button menu option.

BS/BS2/BS3 Balance Sheets

We have added the option to select descriptions for Total Assets, Total Liabilities, and Equity.

CA/CB/IA - Amortization Working Papers

We have added an extra column which shows the number of lines in a specific group, including a tool tip in the description column. The number of lines in a specific group has also been added to the Global row insertion section. This row number column is optional and can be turned off under the Column selection options.

CL - Client Enclosure Letter

Added current and prior year end date selectors to the document options.

"Summary of corporate taxes payable (receivable)" now supports up to four columns for displaying taxes split across different levels, i.e. federal, provincial, municipal, etc.

EL - Engagement Letter

Review/Notice to Reader - Updated to the latest September 2015 wording as provided by CPA Canada.

Notice to Reader - Added the option to have an engagement letter for a corporate tax return only (no financial statement compilation). This option is only available if the type of engagement is set to Notice to Reader.

Notice to Reader - The last line of the engagement letter for Notice to Reader has been made consistent with that found in the Audit and Review options.

We have expanded the number and combination of salutations available under the "Attention:" and "Dear" drop downs.

RL - Client Representation Letter

Updated to the latest CPEM and PPM wording.

Notice to Reader - Added the option to have a representation letter for a corporate tax return only (no financial statement compilation).

G1 - GST/HST Reconciliation (simplified)

Added additional subtotals including lines 113A, 113B, and 113C from the quick method GST/HST form.

PE/DI - Prepaid Expenses, Deferred Income

We have added the option to print or skip the column headings for each of the 5 sections.

YC - Year End Checklist

We have added functionality similar to that found in the Client Enclosure Letter whereby individual lines can be set to skip/print and updated from the Resource Centre module using the right-click express button options.

JZCPL, JZLNR, LT, JZCD, JZCPL, JZLAMORT - Loan Calculator and Debt Working Papers

We have added the ability to include loans/leases which start after the fiscal year end.

KJ, KH - Related Party Transactions, Due to (from) Related Parties notes

Increased the number of related party groups from 15 to 20.