Troubleshooting CaseWare script errors

Monday, September 22, 2014

If you have recently uninstalled a previous version of CaseWare, run the latest patch for your current version of CaseWare to correct script engine problems which occur when loading the Jazzit financial statements.

For example, if you are currently running CaseWare 2009.00.XXX and you have recently uninstalled CaseWare 2008, run the patch for CaseWare 2009.00.XXX again to correct script engine problems.

Other items which may affect the script engine if reinstalling last CaseWare patch does not correct the problem:

  1. Run CaseWare Working Papers software locally; 

  2. Check your anti-virus software for script restrictions;

  3. Check your Internet Explorer version. Make sure it is the latest version and that the script restrictions aren't denying.

Please see our technical bulletin for more information.

CaseWare tips to improve performance

Try using the Engagement / Sign out function in CaseWare to move your file from the server to the local hard drive. You should notice a better load and save time in the financial statements. When you are finished working on the file use the File / Sign in function to move the file back to the server.

You may wish to review CaseWare's website help on network performance.

If you've already moved up and you need a "quick fix" try running your KLIB Resource Centre and the client file from your local drive rather than from the server drive. Generally, this significantly improves the load and save times.

If you are running Norton Anti-virus version 6.0 or newer, you may experience network slowdowns. Please refer to Symantec's website for more information.

Please direct any CaseWare performance issues to CaseWare support at 800.267.1317.


If you encounter a problem with a Jazzit template please make sure you are on the latest version of CaseWare and you have the latest Jazzit template available from the support download area.