November 30, 2021 Jazzit Fundamentals Update Available

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

BC to BG    Bank Confirmations

  • Added the bank confirmation instructions when selected.

BS, BS2 and BS3    All Balance Sheets

§  Increased the number preferred/common shares when showing details to 10 each.

CL   Client Enclosure Letter

§  Revised section heading "Dividend income to report" with "Dividends declared and paid".

CP   Financial Statements Home Menu

§  Updated the default partner field under "Engagement" to support 60 names. Defaults to name 1 now.

CP   Financial Statements Home Menu

§  Removed diagnostic warning that the Doc. ID is not "FS" when multiple statements are present in the client file and one statement has the ID “FS”

§  Added the option "Title all Menu Options" for entity references selected (this option is retained on update).