August 20, 2021 Jazzit Fundamentals Update Available

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

CL   Client Enclosure Letter

  • Added input paragraphs below tax instalment tables (federal, provincial, GST).

HF  Financial Statements Headers and Footers

  • New button for electronic signatures to indicate when disabled because of draft stamp.

JZEL   Engagement Letter

  • Added "and, other explanatory information" to the CSRS 4200 report when multiple notes are included.

  • Updated the other services paragraph to accommodate different entity structures.

JZRL   Management Representations Letter

  • Added heading option "Tangible capital assets" for the PPE paragraph.

K3A   Significant Accounting Policies

  • Three new policies added for farming (ASPE 3041).  Two inventory policies and a policy for productive biological assets.

MS - JZMW   Marketable Securities Working Papers

  • Added an error message when a positive amount is entered as a return of capital within a security (amount entered should be negative).

Q1 - QK   Additional Letters

  • Added optional introduction and conclusion paragraphs which are not included in the section sort and skip the section headings even when all other section headings are set to print.

  • Added signature area below the firm/partner signature for clients to manually sign the letter.