June 18, 2021 Jazzit Fundamentals Update Available

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

IS and IS2  2 Column and 9 Column Income Statements

  • Detail descriptions within the statement of retained earnings now can be set to bold.

JZKC   Knowledge Of Business Checklist

  • Added a column for email address in the primary contact(s) section.

JZL1   Letter To Lawyer

  • Added formatting options to the section headings.

  • Letter has been updated with latest row menus including spacing options and update text from another client file.

K2   Basis Of Presentation Note

  • New content added to the Basis of accounting note for CSRS 4200 engagements.

KP   Generic 3 / 4 Column Notes

  • Added a new Inventory note “KP6” for farm engagements with number of units and price per unit columns. Subtotals from this note can linked directly to different areas of the balance sheet (same procedure as linking generic notes).

Letters   All Jazzit letters

  • Updated attention and salutation right click menus to support "send email to contact".

WV   Waiver Of Audit

  • Updated to support various entity structures (including NFP).

  • Also updated with latest row menu options.