January 25 Jazzit Fundamentals Update Available

Thursday, January 31, 2019

BS Balance Sheet & BS3 Balance Sheet with Opening Balances

  • Signature line options have been moved from the bottom of the Balance Sheet to within the statement settings folder at the top of this statement.

CA/CB Property, Plant and Equipment Working Papers

  • Added the option to round amortization expense to the nearest dollar. Switch is located under the Amortization options section of template options.

*Note that this new feature does not change the decimal points for the amortization column.

CA/CB Property, Plant and Equipment Working Papers, CE Continuity of disposals & IA Intangible Assets

  • Added the option to sort groups alphabetically by group title.

CF Statement of Cash Flows & CF2 9 Column Statement of Cash Flows

  • Added the option to include the period with the income description in the operating activities area of the Statement of Cash Flows, e.g. Net income for the year or Annual surplus.

IS Income Statement & IS2 9 Column Income Statement with Budget

  • Right-click on gross profit description for GP % presentation / decimal point options.

  • Added the option to select Net income in addition to Net income for the year to the Statement of Retained Earnings.

SC1 1-2 year income statement & SC6 9 Column Income Statement Schedule

  • Right-click on gross profit description for GP % presentation / decimal point options.

JZEL Engagement Letter

  • Sample audit Engagement Report now has the same button to select report type (unmodified, modified, adverse) as is found in the report within the financial statements.

K8 Financial Instruments

  • Added the option to skip risk headings in the Financial instruments – option 1 note. This is useful particularly if only one risk has been identified.
  • Right-click on any risk heading and select Skip risk headings.

RP Engagement Report

  • Review Engagement Report now use a similar cascading menu to select various report options as the audit report.

SCSALES Analysis of Sales and Gross Margin

  • Added the option to double-click click on the gross profit % amounts to set the number of decimal points for all % information on the schedule.